Most memorable race: Sea otter classic cross county MTB (2015)

Off-the-bike hobbies: Rock climbing, swimming, running, yoga, backpacking

Words to live by: For every uphill, there's a downhill

What got me into cycling: Living in San Francisco with no car

Day job: Yoga instructor and personal trainer

Where I grew up: San Jose

What got me into racing: The desire to keep growing as an athlete

Music that gets me going before a race: Eye of the Tiger

Favorite post-race food: Burritos

Favorite ride: Pescadero loop

Race Results

DateRaceRace CategoryPlacing


07/23/17 The Bump Circuit W3-5 3rd
07/15/17 Central Coast Fr. Ord Circuit W3-5 1st
06/25/17 Burlingame Criterium 3/4 4th
06/11/17 Berkeley Hills Road Race 4/5 10th
06/03/17 Pescadero Road Race 4 7th
05/07/17 Golden State Circuit 3/4 19th
05/06/17 Golden State Criterium 3/4 16th
04/30/17 Wente Road Race 4/5 5th
04/29/17 Cat's Hill Criterium 3/4 -
04/22/17 Sea Otter Road Race 4/5 14th
04/15/17 Copperopolis Road Race 4/5 10th
03/26/17 Santa Cruz Criterium 4/5 12th
03/11/17 Land Park Criterium 4/5 16th
03/04/17 Snelling Road Race 4/5 9th
02/19/17 Cantua Creek Road Race 4/5 8th
02/12/17 Central Coast Road Series #1 4 4th
02/05/17 The Bump Circuit Race W3/4 9th


08/20/16 San Ardo Road Race - NCNCA District Masters Championships W4 7th
05/14/16 Mike's Bikes Cat's Hill Classic 3/4 11th
05/07/16 Berkeley Hills Road Race 4 18th
04/24/16 Wente Vineyards Road Race 4 9th
04/09/16 Turlock Lake Road Race W4 20th
03/20/16 Santa Cruz Classic Criterium XLVII - VP#8 4 10th
03/13/16 Bariani Road Race 4 26th
03/06/16 Madera Stage Race GC 4 11th
03/06/16 Madera Stage Race Road Race 4 11th
03/05/16 Madera Stage Race Criterium 4 11th
03/05/16 Madera Stage Race Time Trial 4 10th
02/20/16 Snelling Road Race 4 22nd

Race Reports

RaceTitleRace Category
Turlock Lake Road Race Worked hard for this one :) W4