Off-the-bike hobbies: I like to geek out on fitness technology and trends. I coach general fitness, strength, and cycling!

Words to live by: As long as I breathe, I attack - Eddie Mercx

What got me into cycling: Swimming got me into triathlon. Tri's got me into cycling. Now I live for the thrill of speed, wind in my face, game day tactics, and winning.

Top lifetime accomplishments: member of Willamette University's Athletic Hall of Fame - swimming. 2 time Ironman. All of my podium finishes at Master's National Championships

Cycling accomplishments: 2014 2nd place Master National championships (crit)

Day job: Partner- 17th Street Athletic Club - coaching Indoor cycling, group strength, trx. Personal Trainer. Endurance athletics coach. Owner of AxellFitnessWorks

Where I grew up: Salem, OR

What got me into racing: After completing two Ironman Triathlons, (Coeur d'Alene and Madison), I wanted to go fast on the bike. Soon, I found myself on a team ride with Team Roaring Mouse, and talked into my first road race, Dunnigan Hills(2007). I had no idea what I was doing, but placed 2nd in that first race, and I was hooked! The history and lore of cycling keeps me captivated, and yearning to learn more, do more, achieve more.

My cycling hero(s): Ina Teutenberg, Marianne Vos (like a boss!), Giana Roberge

Music that gets me going before a race: any one of my current favorite mashups found on my spin mixes. Usually something with Tiesto, Avicii, or Trailerhead and my old standby

Favorite post-race food: tacos, burritos and horchata

Number of years with the team: this is my 3rd

Favorite ride: Kings Ridge, Point Reyes Lighthouse, Chileno Valley Loop, Alpine Dam, and Grizzly Peak Century routes to name a few. Seriously, they are all amazing.

Favorite way to consume Cold Beverages: ice cold

Best team moment: Memorial Day Crit 2015 - Planning and executing a perfect Crit at our team race! Joanna and I rode the break nearly lapping the field, and Mary Ellen wins the field sprint for 3rd. Proud of all the MM women dedication to team!

Race Results

DateRaceRace CategoryPlacing


09/17/17 Oakland Grand Prix W1-3 18th
09/09/17 Jackson Downtown Criterium W1-3 6th
09/04/17 Giro di San Francisco W1-3 15th
08/25/17 Esparto Time Trial W1-3 1st
08/20/17 Red Kite Time Trial W1-3 2nd
08/13/17 Suisun Harbor Criterium W1-3 2nd
08/12/17 Dunnigan Hills Road Race W1/2 9th
08/06/17 Red Kite Criterium W1-3 1st
08/05/17 Patterson Pass Road Race 1 -
07/30/17 Annual Albany Criterium W1-3 1st
07/29/17 San Rafael Sunset Criterium W1-3 15th
07/15/17 RPP Hobby Lakeport Criterium W1-3 2nd
06/25/17 Burlingame Criterium W1-3 2nd
06/11/17 Loyalton Time Trial W35+ 1st
06/10/17 Mighty Tour de Nez Criterium W1-3 7th
06/03/17 Pescadero Road Race W35+ 4th
05/13/17 NCNCA Masters Road Race Championships W35+ 2nd
05/07/17 Redlands Downtown Criterium W1-3 5th
04/29/17 Cat's Hill Criterium W1-3 6th
04/23/17 Sea Otter Circuit W1/2 14th
04/02/17 Michelob Ultra Sequoia Cycling Classic W1-3 10th
04/01/17 OTF Ventana Circuit Race W1-3 8th
03/26/17 Tempus Fugit Time Trial W1/2 1st
03/12/17 Bariani Road Race W1/2 15th
03/11/17 Land Park Criterium W1-3 6th
03/04/17 Snelling Road Race W1/2 7th
02/26/17 Chico Stage Race TT W1/2 9th
02/26/17 Chico Stage Race Criterium W1/2 17th
02/26/17 Chico Stage Race GC W1/2 24th
02/25/17 Chico Stage Race RR W1/2 36th
02/24/17 Chico Stage Race Thunderhill Circuit W1/2 28th


08/14/16 Suisun Harbor Criterium W1-3 -
07/30/16 San Rafael Sunset Criterium W1-3 8th
07/24/16 Red Kite Omnium Event #11 - The Bump Circuit W1-3 7th
07/04/16 Davis Fourth Of July Criterium W1-3 12th
06/26/16 Burlingame Criterium W1-3 2nd
06/12/16 Tulsa Tough Criterium 1 -
06/11/16 Tulsa Tough Criterium W1/2 28th
06/10/16 Tulsa Tough Criterium W1/2 25th
06/05/16 Lodi Cyclefest Criterium P/1/2 3rd
06/04/16 Dash for Cash Criterium W1-3 3rd
05/27/16 Masters Road Nationals ITT W35+ 15th
05/26/16 Masters Road Nationals Criterium 1 2nd
05/25/16 Masters Road Nationals Road Race 1 11th
05/01/16 Golden State Race Series p/b Rio Strada Racing: Circuit W1-3 3rd
04/30/16 Golden State Race Series p/b Rio Strada Racing: Criterium W1-3 3rd
04/24/16 Wente Vineyards Road Race W1/2 18th
04/10/16 TEA Solar Cycling Classic W35+ 1st
04/10/16 TEA Solar Cycling Classic W1/2 4th
04/09/16 Turlock Lake Road Race W1/2 7th
03/20/16 Santa Cruz Classic Criterium XLVII - VP#8 W1-3 18th
03/13/16 Bariani Road Race W1-3 -
03/06/16 Madera Stage Race GC W1/2 4th
03/06/16 Madera Stage Race Road Race W1/2 4th
03/05/16 Madera Stage Race Criterium W1/2 1st
03/05/16 Madera Stage Race Time Trial W1/2 4th
02/28/16 Chico Stage Race Time Trial W1-3 24th
02/28/16 Chico Stage Race Criterium W1-3 15th
02/27/16 Chico Stage Race Paskenta Road Race W1-3 37th
02/26/16 Chico Stage Race Stage 1 Thunderhill W1-3 27th
02/20/16 Snelling Road Race W1/2 12th
02/07/16 Red Kite Omnium - The Bump Circuit Race W1-3 7th


09/20/15 11th Annual Oakland Grand Prix W1-3 1st
09/11/15 Masters Road Nationals Crit W35+ 2nd
09/08/15 Masters Road Nationals ITT W35+ 3rd
09/06/15 Red Kite Omnium Finale - Red Kite Omnium Championship Weekend (Day 2) W35+ 2nd
09/05/15 Red Kite Omnium Finale - Red Kite Omnium Championship Weekend (Day 1) W1-3 3rd
08/30/15 Vacaville Gran Prix W1-3 2nd
08/29/15 Winters Road Race W1/2 -
08/23/15 Red Kite Omnium Event #13 - Tempus Fugit Individual TT (Summer) presented by Endless Cycles of Castro Valley W1/2 3rd
08/16/15 Suisun Harbor Criterium W1/2 9th
08/09/15 Red Kite Omnium Event #12 - Red Kite Criterium (August) W1-3 2nd
07/26/15 Cascade Cycling Classic: S5 Circuit W1/2 48th
07/26/15 Cascade Cycling Classic *GC* W1/2 48th
07/25/15 Cascade Cycling Classic: S4 Crit W1/2 15th
07/24/15 Cascade Cycling Classic: S3 RR W1/2 56th
07/23/15 Cascade Cycling Classic: S2 TT W1/2 46th
07/22/15 Cascade Cycling Classic: S1 RR W1/2 53rd
07/12/15 Red Kite Omnium Event #9 - Red Kite Criterium (July) W1-3 12th
07/11/15 Sattley TT (NCNCA TT Championships) W35+ 1st
07/04/15 Davis Bike Club Fourth of July Criterium W1/2 5th
06/28/15 Burlingame Criterium W1-3 5th
06/20/15 Red Kite Omnium Event #8 - Tri-Valley Criterium Classic W1-3 7th
06/14/15 Tulsa Tough: River Parks Crit W1/2 -
06/13/15 Tulsa Tough: Brady Arts District Crit W1/2 32nd
06/12/15 Tulsa Tough: Blue Dome Crit W1/2 16th
06/07/15 Lodi Cyclefest W1-3 9th
06/06/15 Pescadero Coastal Classic W1/2 -
05/31/15 Red Kite Omnium Event #7 - The Bump Circuit Race (Spring) W1-3 8th
05/30/15 ICCC Dash for Cash W1-3 7th
05/25/15 Memorial Day Criterium W1-3 2nd
05/03/15 Golden State Race Series - Day 2: Circuit Race W1-3 1st
05/02/15 Mike's Bikes Cat's Hill Classic W1-3 -
04/19/15 Red Kite Omnium Event #4 - Red Kite Criterium (April) W1-3 3rd
04/12/15 Topsport Stage Race - Copper Town Circuit Race W1/2 4th
04/12/15 Topsport Stage Race *GC* W1/2 3rd
04/11/15 Topsport Stage Race - Woodward Reservoir RR W1/2 3rd
03/29/15 Santa Cruz Classic Criterium XLVI W1-3 5th
03/28/15 Turlock Lake Road Race W35+ 3rd
03/22/15 Red Kite Omnium Event #3 - Tempus Fugit Individual TT (Spring) 1 4th
03/08/15 Madera Stage Race - Stage 4: Daulton Road Race 1 11th
03/08/15 Madera Stage Race *GC* 1 7th
03/07/15 Madera Stage Race - Stage 2: Madera Criterium 1 3rd
03/07/15 Madera Stage Race - Stage 3: Sharon Time Trial 1 8th
03/01/15 Chico Stage Race - Stage 4: Steve Harrison Memorial Criterium 1 30th
03/01/15 Chico Stage Race - Stage 3: River Road Time Trial 1 22nd
03/01/15 Chico Stage Race *GC* 1 18th
02/28/15 Chico Stage Race - Stage 2: Paskenta Hills Road Race 1 30th
02/27/15 Chico Stage Race - Stage 1: Thunderhill Circuit Race 1 30th
02/15/15 Valley of the Sun Stage Race *GC* 1 24th
02/15/15 Valley of the Sun Stage Race: Criterium 1 12th
02/14/15 Valley of the Sun Stage Race: Road Race 1 37th
02/13/15 Valley of the Sun Stage Race: Time Trial 1 25th

Race Reports

RaceTitleRace Category
Tulsa Tough: Blue Dome Crit Race Recap: Tulsa Tough Omnium June 12-14, 2015 W1/2
Golden State Race Series - Day 2: Circuit Race Race Report: Golden State Race Series - circuit race W1-3