Thank you for your interest in JLVelo Cycling p/b the Freewheel.

Our team is focused on developing active, passionate, experienced, bicycle racers who are motivated to reach their potential while helping their teammates succeed. Success on the team is a result of commitment and teamwork, not just individual intentions.

As we search for new members, we have found that the most successful additions to the team are those who are already actively racing alongside (or against) our own team, who have the opportunity to get to know the team members of the category in which they race, and who are recommended or ?sponsored? by an existing team member. The recruiting point person for both the Men's and Women?s Team will help prospective candidates make arrangements to connect with additional team members after an initial screening.

Our advice to prospective members is to participate in NCNCA races ( during the season. Watch for JLVelo Cycling members in those races. Talk to us, get to know us, ride a couple of training rides with our teammates, and then decide if you?re really interested in joining our team. It is after understanding your motivation to race on our team that we will be in a position to make an offer.

To help in your evaluation of our team, it is good to understand some of the requirements for JLVelo Cycling members (as spelled out in our Team Charter). These guidelines provide some evidence of the commitment to racing that is valued by the team.

Membership Requirements :

* Members are required to complete a minimum of 15 races per season to remain an Active Racer with full team benefits (except Juniors and Cat 4 women/Cat 5 men in their first year racing with our team, for whom the minimum is 10 races).

* Members are expected to participate in team-related events, volunteer their time and skills to better the team, work to improve sports-person-ship, encourage teammate development, and communicate with their category teammates to develop racing goals and strategies.

We wish you the best of luck in your racing endeavors and hope to see you at the start line!

JLVelo Cycling

Membership contacts:

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