Metromint Cycling values the Esprit de Corps (ess-pree d'kor) [n : the spirit of a group that makes the members want the group to succeed] of its members.

Each month the team recognizes individuals who volunteer their efforts to help their teammates, contribute to the team's operations, or otherwise benefit the cycling community.

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2013 Award Recipients


We have two September winners for the Esprit de Corps award! In no particular order, they are Julie Bellerose and Lina Mårtensson!

Julie Bellerose

Lina Mårtensson

For Julie Bellerose, we can probably all agree that she did a fantastic job organizing and directing our team's race, the Metromint Giro di San Francisco. In addition to preparing for the race superbly, everything ran smoothly that day. And while directing a race can be extremely stressful, Julie was composed throughout the entire day, so as a result, we had yet another successful race. Another reason that Julie should win is because of her loyalty to the team. Julie drove up from Los Angeles for the Oakland Criterium because the women were trying to secure the premier series win. That's 10-12 hours of driving for a 45 minute race!!! If that doesn't show dedication to the team and their greater goals, then what does? On top of it all, she is a total bad-ass, who threw down in the Women’s P/1/2 races at both the Giro and the Oakland Crit! Overall, Julie is an amazing team mate.

Our other EdC winner for September is Lina Mårtensson. Lina has done a stellar job working on the Recruitment Committee for the women’s team this year. She has organized and lead recruitment rides. She set up some shared Google documents which helped us keep track of all the interested women who would potentially join our team. She personally reached out to recruits and went on rides with them to get to know them better. Throughout the process, she communicated with the team and the recruits in a positive, timely, and effective manner. She kept everyone on target and that sped up the recruiting process significantly. This in turn made Metromint Cycling look great. Lina went above and beyond the call of duty and she is truly an awesome team mate.


Mary-Ellen Ash

For the month of August, the winner of the EdC award is Mary-Ellen Ash. In July she mentored and supported the Metromint women who were racing the Fourth of July Crit. Additionally, a few weeks later Mary-Ellen organized and lead two sprint/skills clinics for the women's squad. This was all done despite Mary-Ellen being unable to race this year. For the Fourth of July Crit, she helped the team strategize by explaining the best lines to take based on the road condition and wind direction. She diagrammed the course on a white board and pointed out places on the course to be aware of, specifically pointing out the best sprint position(s). It was a very hot day, so with nylons provided by Gale and ice from the Hallmark Inn ice machine, Mary-Ellen made each of us ice-socks to wedge in the back of our jog bras to help us stay cooler while we raced. During the race, she stood on the sidelines cheering us, and after the race, she was there to help us celebrate and debrief. A few weeks later, Mary-Ellen again stepped up to help us become better bike racers, both individually and as a team, by hosting two sprint clinics. She spent several hours working with a group of us on bike handling skills, including cornering, elbow and bike bumping, and wheel rubbing. She also taught us how to stop quickly in an emergency so that we can hopefully avoid crashing. Mary-Ellen has the ability to mentor and teach all levels in an unassuming and positive manner. She encourages us to push our limits while being safe. And she knows how to explain things, offer constructive criticism and inspire confidence. Mary-Ellen has helped many of us on the team grow as bike racers. Thanks again!


David Krumwiede

The EdC award for July goes to David Krumwiede. David took the lead on organizing host housing for the men's team at the Cascade Stage Race in Bend, OR. David did all the leg-work that was required to get host housing arranged. On top of that, he helped cook practically every meal and quickly learned where everything was located in the kitchen, so wouldn't have to keep asking our hosts where to find things. David also did a lot of the cleaning/cleanup. After the race, David got all the men organized so that we could send our host a nice thank you gift. David has been and continues to be extremely helpful to the team.


Stephanie Hines

The winner of the EdC award for June is Stephanie Hines. Stephanie is a very dedicated and selfless racer who never hesitates to help teammates. Additionally, she is a very generous and caring person. After a crash that also involved a couple of minties, Stephanie stopped racing and took care of a Pinnacle Women's Racing rider at Pescadero. Steph not only held her hand and talked to her while the paramedics attended to her, she was also able to find this woman's 14 year old son and get someone to drive her son to Stanford to be with her. Even though she didn't need to, Stephanie showed up at the ER to make sure everyone was okay. Not only were Rikke and Furman on the receiving end of her care, but people Steph hardly knew. Her commitment in making sure that everyone was OK is genuine, and as a result Stephanie made the entire team look good that day.


Laurie Simonson

Congratulations to Laurie Simonson for receiving the Esprit de Corps award for May. Not only is Laurie the keeper of the Prize Pot Pig and the organizer extraordinaire of the annual women's team dinner (a few years running now), but she spends a good deal of time behind the scenes working on our team's relationship with our title sponsor, Metromint/Soma Beverages. She was instrumental in leading a meeting with Crystal Geyser (who's now partnered with Soma Beverages) to introduce and solidify our relationship with them. In any event, she loves the team and she does a lot of work with the Board to help ensure that we all keep having fun and that the team keeps thriving.


Elisabeth Johnson

The first winner of the Esprit de Corps award for 2013 is: Lis Johnson. Lis joined Metromint in 2012 and in addition to coaching rowing, training and racing her bike, Lis found the time to give back to the team by shuttling Louis Garneau sample clothing from the North to the South Bay. Lis was able to provide the team with three different opportunities to try on Louis Garneau clothing, which we will be sporting out on the road soon. As a crew coach, Lis is generally really efficient at getting everyone to pay attention, and she handled the fitting sessions superbly. Her efforts were very much appreciated. Thank you, Lis!