Metromint Cycling graciously thanks all our sponsors in helping us realize this racing season.

Metromint® is an all-natural mint essence water produced and distributed across the country by Crystal Geyser Water Company®, along with its other premium quality beverages. Metromint combines the purest ingredients like real, fresh mint with reverse-osmosis water to create a refreshing beverage with no sweeteners, calories, or artificial ingredients. Metromint is a healthy way to keep hydrated, and proud to support the Metromint Cycling team lead active lifestyles.

Freewheel Bike Shop, established in 1978 at 1920 Hayes Street in San Francisco, has developed a solid reputation for great service and excellent equipment choices. The shop at Hayes Street offers repair classes and a membership workshop space to work on your bike. In 1997, Freewheel opened a second shop at 914 Valencia Street, selling commuting and racing bikes. These guys collectively have more than thirty years managing, selling, and wrenching on bikes. Solid.


We believe that energy bars should first be delicious food. We want you to know that you're eating real food when you eat a BRUBAR energy bar and we want you to love how they taste!
We believe that life is to be enjoyed to fullest and we want BRUBAR energy bars to accompany you along the way no matter where your path takes you. Take them on a run, up mountains, or on the water.
We believe that there is a difference in the quality of energy that one can choose from the foods that we eat. That's why our bars are made with natural providers of energy so that you can feel good about what you eating as well as get your energy boost.

At Fluid Sports Nutrition, we believe in challenging ourselves, the industry, and you to be better. We believe that when athletes pair hard work with the right nutrition, they create a combination that is seldom beatable. We call ourselves a sports nutrition company, but our customers get more than nutrition. You get the tools you need to do what you love. Our tools help you stay hydrated, energized, focused, and feeling great again tomorrow.

betwixt is a cycling chamois cream and all-purpose athletic skin lubricant that enhances comfort and eliminates friction that can irritate your skin. betwixt is all-natural with organic ingredients, respecting your body and the environment. betwixt is paraben-free, vegan, anti-bacterial, PH-neutral, hypo-allergenic, non-staining & will dissolve in the wash.

Giant was founded in 1972 with a mission: to create better bikes and improve the cycling experience. From the very start, innovation and manufacturing expertise set us apart. Giant bikes win world championships. They win design awards, too. But most importantly, they win the hearts of riders who choose to make cycling a part of their lives. We support that choice. We think it makes the world a better place. Giant aims to be a trusted friend on every road, path and trail that unfolds before you. We're proud to be part of your cycling adventures.

At Sufferfest Studios, we make the hardest, most exciting, most get-on-your-bike-and-suffer-your-ass-off cycling training videos in the world. And we strive to deliver the best customer service in the industry. The Sufferlandrian community deserves nothing less. Our DOWNLOADABLE videos are the only ones to feature officially licensed footage from professional race organisers like the ASO and the UCI, brilliant, hand-picked music, and structured workouts that you simply need to follow. NO THINKING REQUIRED JUST SUFFERING!!!!

At a time when inexpensive, plastic, catalog-copied accessories that didn't work were the standard, Lezyne's goal was to engineer and produce premium quality accessories that meet the same high standards as high-end bicycle components. In a word, Lezyne's goal was Engineered Design. Three years later, the goal remains the same and Lezyne is now a cycling accessories industry leader with award winning products world-wide. Innovative products like the CNC Floor Drive with its secure Flip-Thread Chuck connection, the Carbon Road Drive 2 with light-weight Full Carbon Technology, and multi tools using Center-Pivot bit design set Lezyne apart and ahead of the competition.

Jay Ganaden Photography is an award-winning commercial photo studio in Emeryville. We make clean images of products and fashion for retailers, designers and ad agencies. We make it happen with a tireless work ethic, and by surrounding ourselves with talented and fun people who appreciate good coffee, bad jokes, and facebook. Clients include Gap, Old Navy, World Market, Sephora, and Method.

If your company is interested in sponsoring our team this season or next, please contact us at Metromint Cycling.