The off-season. For most racers, it means a chance to get off the bike for a while, renew some non-cycling friendships and hobbies, spend more time balancing life with other activities, and generally put the bike into a non-priority position. The end result is to re-develop that thirst for racing that will drive our dreams for the upcoming season and motivate us to get out and train.

However, for the small and very committed group of folks who run bicycle racing teams, the off-season is the busiest time of the year. Everything for the upcoming season must be planned out, pursued, and put in place. Vision, strategy, recruiting, activities, funding sponsors, product sponsors, partnerships, uniform designs, benefits, membership letters, liability waivers, website updates, and on and on.

For the Revolution Racing Team (formerly McGuire Cycling), our group has been very busy with these transitions. We ended a great period of steady sponsorship and now look to announce our plans for 2006. From dotting the i's, to crossing the t's, putting the last touches on the uniform design, and confirming the details of the each and every product sponsor, we're close to unveiling the results of this work.

Watch this space for updates on our 2006 season plans. Coming soon!