Off-the-bike hobbies: Skiing, Basketball, Diving, Mountain Biking (hey it's not road biking), other outdoorsy activities; Saving the world

What got me into cycling: I bought a mountain bike with my 8th grade graduation money; the rest is history

Top lifetime accomplishments: Starting my own company, pairing up a couple of friends that are now married with 2 kids

Cycling accomplishments: Collegiate team omnium national champs with UC Berkeley

Day job: I recently founded my own consulting practice (RS2 Energy) focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy for public and private sector organizations; UC Berkeley Cycling Team Coach

Where I grew up: Burbs of Chicago

What got me into racing: I ran cross country (not very well) in high school and and I liked riding bikes, so I figured combining the two would be a natural fit

Music that gets me going before a race: All I Do is Win - DJ Khalid, Stronger - Kanye West

Favorite post-race food: carnitas torta; alternatively a double-double animal style

Number of years with the team: Two

Favorite ride: Bakery Challenge

Most memorable race: 2009 UC Berkeley Alumni Crit - 1st race win in 7 years! (it counts, it really does); 2010 Beverly Hills Classic (Superweek) - entire left leg cramped with two laps to go, finished with one leg (my folks were in attendance, I wasn't about to let them down)

Favorite way to consume Cold Beverages: Ice Cold

Words to live by: Miracles happen when we make them happen

Race Results

DateRaceRace CategoryPlacing


03/17/13 Berkeley Streets Crit 1/2/3 8th
02/17/13 Coppertown CR 2 25th
02/17/13 Coppertown CR 1/2/3 28th


09/03/12 Giro di San Francisco P/1/2 40th
08/05/12 Pleasanton Crit P/1/2 45th
08/04/12 Petaluma Cypress Crit 2 6th
08/04/12 Petaluma Cypress Crit P/1/2 -
07/29/12 Berkeley Bike Club Crit P/1/2 16th
07/15/12 Colavita Grand Prix 2 8th
07/15/12 Colavita Grand Prix 1/2/3 15th
07/04/12 Fourth of July Crit P/1/2 -
07/01/12 Foothill College CR P/1/2 16th
06/30/12 Leesville Gap RR P/1/2 -
06/29/12 Boonville RR 1/2/3 15th
06/16/12 PG&E Crit P/1/2 27th
06/10/12 Folsom Cyclebration - Willow Creek CR P/1/2 27th
06/03/12 Central Coast CR #3 1/2/3 4th
06/02/12 ICCC Dash for Cash 1/2/3 32nd
05/28/12 Memorial Day Crit 1/2/3 34th
05/19/12 County Center Crit #2 1/2/3 -
05/19/12 County Center Crit #2 2 10th
05/13/12 Berkeley Hills RR P/1/2 -
05/12/12 Tour of California Crit 2/3 20th
05/12/12 Tour of California Crit P/1/2 27th
03/18/12 Berkeley Streets Crit P/1/2 10th
03/04/12 John Schlesinger Memorial Crit P/1/2 14th
02/25/12 Snelling RR P/1/2 -
02/18/12 County Center Crit 1/2/3 -
02/18/12 County Center Crit 2/3 23rd