Most memorable race: Patterson Pass RR 2010. The suffering was epic. It took me a week to recover. Butterfly Crit W4 2009. My team swept the podium. One of the most fun races I've ever done.

Off-the-bike hobbies: Cooking, hiking, reading.

What got me into cycling: Necessity. My parents lived far away from the last bus stop and had no car for years.

Day job: Estuarine ecologist

Where I grew up: Denmark

What got me into racing: Curiousity and Death ride training made me join a bike club. Other club members talked me into racing and I was immediately addicted.

Number of years with the team: 7

Favorite ride: Hicks Rd. Los Gatos

Words to live by: You will learn as long as you live.

Best team moment: I have several and can't choose. 2014 Giro di San Francisco where ultimate team work lead to the win of the break and the field sprint. Valley of the Sun 2012 when Molly and Lisa launched a beautiful lead out and we ruined Specialized lululemon's plans. Pescadero Road Race and Sacramento Grand Prix 2011 - dots ruled both races. Menlo Park Crit 2012 where we launched the ultimate lead out. Watching a team mate crush the opponents at the finish, after having raced like a team makes all the suffering 100% worth it.

Cycling accomplishments: Winning the three W4 races that were part of the Memorial Day Omnium in 2009. These races were my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th races ever. 2nd place a Valley of the Sun Crit 2012. Being the last person in the money at Redlands 2012

Favorite way to consume Cold Beverages: When I'm really thirsty.

My cycling hero(s): Jens Voigt

Favorite post-race food: In 'n' Out Cheeseburger

Top lifetime accomplishments: Finishing my PhD at UC Santa Cruz

Music that gets me going before a race: Not sure, I hate warming up

Race Results

DateRaceRace CategoryPlacing


09/03/17 NCNCA Masters Criterium Championships W40+ 1st
09/02/17 Red Kite Criterium W1-3 10th
06/10/17 Dash for Cash Criterium W35+ 1st
05/13/17 NCNCA Masters Road Race Championships W40+ 4th
05/07/17 Golden State Circuit W1-3 23rd
05/07/17 Golden State Team Time Trial W1-3 2nd
05/06/17 Golden State Criterium W1-3 22nd
04/22/17 Sea Otter Road Race W35+ 4th
03/04/17 Snelling Road Race W1/2 -
02/05/17 The Bump Circuit Race W35+ 2nd


06/05/16 Lodi Cyclefest Criterium W1-3 -
06/04/16 Dash for Cash Criterium W35+ 2nd
05/30/16 Memorial Day Criterium W1-3 30th
05/01/16 Golden State Race Series p/b Rio Strada Racing: Circuit W1-3 23rd
04/30/16 Golden State Race Series p/b Rio Strada Racing: Criterium W1-3 22nd
04/17/16 Red Kite Omnium Event #4 - Red Kite Criterium (April) W1-3 16th
04/10/16 TEA Solar Cycling Classic W35+ 2nd
04/09/16 Turlock Lake Road Race W1/2 10th
02/20/16 Snelling Road Race W1/2 22nd
02/14/16 Copper Town Circuit Race W1-3 3rd
02/13/16 Folsom Winter Criterium W35+ 8th
02/07/16 Red Kite Omnium - The Bump Circuit Race W1-3 10th


09/11/15 Masters Road Nationals Crit W40+ 3rd
09/07/15 Giro di San Francisco W30+ 4th
09/06/15 Red Kite Omnium Finale - Red Kite Omnium Championship Weekend (Day 2) W40+ 1st
08/29/15 Winters Road Race W30+ 5th
08/23/15 Red Kite Omnium Event #13 - Tempus Fugit Individual TT (Summer) presented by Endless Cycles of Castro Valley W35+ 2nd
07/26/15 Red Kite Omnium Event #11 - 31st Annual Berkeley Bicycle Club Criterium W1-3 15th
07/12/15 Red Kite Omnium Event #9 - Red Kite Criterium (July) W1-3 19th
07/11/15 Watsonville Criterium W1-4 2nd
07/04/15 Davis Bike Club Fourth of July Criterium W35+ 1st
06/28/15 Burlingame Criterium W1-3 8th
06/20/15 Red Kite Omnium Event #8 - Tri-Valley Criterium Classic W1-3 6th
06/13/15 Mighty Tour de Nez - Day 1: Downtown Reno Criterium W1-3 6th
06/13/15 Mighty Tour de Nez - Day 1: Downtown Reno Criterium W35+ 1st
06/07/15 Lodi Cyclefest W1-3 6th
05/30/15 ICCC Dash for Cash W1-3 13th
05/25/15 Memorial Day Criterium W1-3 18th
05/17/15 Mariposa Women's Stage Race: Bootjack RR W35+ 3rd
05/17/15 Mariposa Women's Stage Race *GC* W35+ 3rd
05/16/15 Mariposa Women's Stage Race: Groveland HC W35+ 3rd
05/16/15 Mariposa Women's Stage Race: Greeley Hill RR W35+ 4th
05/15/15 Mariposa Women's Stage Race: Basso Bridge ITT W35+ 3rd
04/19/15 Red Kite Omnium Event #4 - Red Kite Criterium (April) W1-3 22nd
04/12/15 Central Coast Road Series #2 W35+ 2nd
03/28/15 Turlock Lake Road Race W40+ 1st
03/15/15 Bariani Road Race W35+ 1st
03/14/15 Central Coast Road Series #1 W1-3 1st
03/08/15 Red Kite Omnium Event #2 - Red Kite Criterium (March) W1-3 7th
02/14/15 Folsom Winter Criterium W35+ 5th


09/07/14 Fremont Peak HC W1-3 2nd
09/01/14 Giro di San Francisco W1-3 6th
08/30/14 Red Kite Crit W1/2 5th
08/24/14 Tempus Fugit TT W1/2 4th
08/17/14 Red Kite Crit W1/2 5th
08/08/14 Dunnigan Hills RR W30+ 1st
07/20/14 Colavita Grand Prix W1-3 7th
07/13/14 Lodi Crit W1-3 17th
06/22/14 Burlingame Crit W1/2 17th
06/14/14 Tri-Valley Crit Classic W1/2 23rd
06/01/14 Livermore Valley CR M35+ 1st
05/31/14 ICCC Dash for Cash W35+ 1st
05/26/14 Memorial Day Crit W1-3 30th
05/18/14 Mariposa County Women's SR *GC* W35+ 2nd
05/18/14 Mariposa - Bootjack RR W35+ 2nd
05/17/14 Mariposa - Groveland HC W35+ 2nd
05/17/14 Mariposa - Greeley Hill RR W35+ 2nd
05/16/14 Mariposa - Basso Bridge TT W35+ 2nd
05/10/14 Berkeley Hills RR W35+ 5th
05/03/14 Cat's Hill Classic W1-3 -
04/27/14 Town Center Crit W1-3 8th
04/13/14 Red Kite Crit W1/2 19th
04/06/14 Topsport SR - Rock Creek TT W1/2 10th
04/06/14 Topsport SR - Copper Town CR W1/2 3rd
04/06/14 Topsport SR *GC* W1/2 8th
04/05/14 Topsport SR - Woodward Reservoir RR W1/2 6th
03/23/14 Chico SR *GC* W1-3 14th
03/23/14 Chico SR - Chico Downtown Crit W1-3 5th
03/23/14 Chico SR - River Road TT W1-3 14th
03/22/14 Chico SR - Paskenta Hills RR W1-3 15th
03/16/14 Bariani RR W1-3 27th
03/15/14 Land Park Crit W1-3 17th
02/16/14 Coppertown CR W1-3 1st


08/24/13 Winters RR W1-3 -
08/17/13 Red Kite Crit #5 W1-3 13th
08/04/13 Central Coast Road #10 W1-3 1st
07/28/13 Menlo Park Grand Prix W1-3 39th
07/28/13 Menlo Park Grand Prix W35+ 1st
07/04/13 Fourth of July Crit W1-3 -
07/04/13 Fourth of July Crit W35+ 1st
06/23/13 Burlingame Crit W1-3 -
06/02/13 Pescadero Coastal Classic W35+ -
06/01/13 ICCC Dash for Cash W35+ 1st
05/27/13 Memorial Day Crit W1-3 3rd
05/25/13 Folsom Classic Crit W1-3 2nd
05/19/13 Mariposa County Women's SR *GC* W1/2 9th
05/19/13 Mariposa - Bootjack RR W1/2 9th
05/18/13 Mariposa - Greeley Hill RR W1/2 12th
05/18/13 Mariposa - Groveland Hillclimb W1/2 9th
05/17/13 Mariposa - Basso Bridge TT W1/2 7th
05/12/13 Berkeley Hills RR W1/2 -
05/11/13 Red Kite Crit #3 W1-3 2nd
05/04/13 Cat's Hill Classic W1-3 15th
04/27/13 Wente Vineyards RR W1/2 10th
04/21/13 Red Kite Crit #2 W1/2 17th
04/14/13 Santa Cruz Classic Crit W1-3 8th
03/30/13 Copperopolis RR W1/2 9th
03/16/13 Land Park Crit W1-3 28th
03/10/13 Madera SR *GC* W1/2 5th
03/10/13 Madera Daulton RR W1-3 3rd
03/09/13 Madera Sharon TT W1-3 10th
03/09/13 Madera Crit W1-3 3rd
03/03/13 Merco Cycling Classic SR *GC* W1-3 41st
03/03/13 Merco Classic: Almond Blossom RR W1-3 42nd
03/02/13 Merco Classic: Downtown Grand Prix W1-3 42nd
03/01/13 Merco Classic: ITT W1-3 48th
02/28/13 Merco Classic: MID RR W1-3 47th
02/23/13 Snelling RR W1/2 25th
02/10/13 Cherry Pie Crit W1-3 17th


09/05/12 Masters Road Nationals W35+ 3rd
09/05/12 Masters Road Nationals W35+ 12th
08/05/12 Patterson Pass RR W35+ 1st
07/22/12 Menlo Park Grand Prix W1-3 12th
07/22/12 Menlo Park Grand Prix W35+ 2nd
05/27/12 Mount Hamilton RR W1-3 20th
05/13/12 Mariposa - Bootjack RR W1/2 1st
05/13/12 Mariposa County Women's SR *GC* W1/2 3rd
05/12/12 Mariposa - Groveland Hillclimb W1/2 5th
05/12/12 Mariposa - Greeley Hill RR W1/2 2nd
05/11/12 Mariposa - Basso Bridge ITT W1/2 8th
05/05/12 Cat's Hill Classic W1-3 8th
04/28/12 Wente RR W35+ 1st
04/01/12 Topsport *SR* W1/2 -
03/31/12 Topsport - Knights Ferry Road Race W1/2 13th
03/25/12 Redlands - Sunset Road Race W1/2 43rd
03/25/12 Redlands Bicycle Classic *GC* W1/2 30th
03/24/12 Redlands - City of Redlands Criterium W1/2 43rd
03/23/12 Redlands - City of Beaumont Road Race W1/2 30th
03/22/12 Redlands - Sun Time Trial Prologue W1/2 57th
03/17/12 Land Park Crit W1-3 1st
03/03/12 Merco Classic: Foothills RR W1-3 12th
03/03/12 Merco Classic: Downtown Grand Prix W1-3 14th
03/01/12 Merco Classic: TT W1-3 25th
02/25/12 Snelling RR W1/2 9th
02/19/12 Copper Town CR W1-3 1st
02/12/12 Valley of the Sun - Crit W1/2 2nd
02/12/12 Valley of the Sun *GC* W1/2 7th
02/11/12 Valley of the Sun - RR W1/2 4th
02/10/12 Valley of the Sun - TT W1/2 11th
02/05/12 Cherry Pie Crit W1-3 8th


09/24/11 Henleyville RR W1-3 1st
09/10/11 Sacramento Grand Prix W1-3 14th
09/05/11 Giro di San Francisco W1-3 3rd
09/03/11 Central Coast Fall #3 W1-3 2nd
08/28/11 Vacaville Gran Prix W1-3 5th
08/27/11 Winters RR W1-3 3rd
08/21/11 University RR W1-3 12th
08/20/11 San Ardo RR W1/2 3rd
08/14/11 Central Coast Fall #2 W35+ 1st
08/13/11 Dunnigan Hills RR W1-3 11th
08/06/11 Fast and Furious Crit W1-3 17th
07/22/11 Cascade NRC - Stage 3 - RR W1/2 87th
07/21/11 Cascade NRC - Stage 2 - TT W1/2 90th
07/20/11 Cascade NRC - Stage 1 - RR W1/2 71st
07/19/11 Cascade NRC - Prologue W1/2 82nd
07/09/11 San Rafael Twilight W1-3 15th
06/26/11 Burlingame Crit W1-3 7th
06/18/11 Pescadero Coastal Classic W1-3 2nd
06/12/11 Sattley TT W35+ 1st
05/30/11 Memorial Day Crit W1-3 10th
05/29/11 Mt. Hamilton RR W1-3 17th
05/22/11 Panoche Valley RR W1/2 1st
05/14/11 Mike's Bikes Cat's Hill Classic W1-3 18th
05/08/11 Berkeley Hills RR W1-3 14th
05/07/11 Pittsburg Twilight W1-3 10th
04/30/11 Wente Vineyards RR W1/2 13th
04/17/11 Santa Cruz Classic Crit W1-3 6th
04/09/11 Calaveras TT W35+ 3rd
04/02/11 Copper Town CR W1-3 5th
03/06/11 Merco Almond Blossum RR W1-3 32nd
03/06/11 Merco Cycling Classic *GC* W1-3 33rd
03/05/11 Merco Cycling Classic Downtown GP W1-3 39th
03/04/11 Merco Cycling Classic ITT W1-3 43rd
03/03/11 Merco Irrigation District RR W1-3 35th
02/26/11 Snelling RR W1/2 25th
02/13/11 VoS Stage 3: Safeco Criterium W1-3 23rd
02/13/11 Valley of the Sun *GC* W1-3 29th
02/12/11 VoS Stage 2: Jorden, Bischoff, and Hiser Road Race W1-3 31st
02/11/11 VoS Stage 1: Landis Cyclery Time Trial W1-3 35th
02/06/11 Cherry Pie Crit W1-3 10th

Race Reports

RaceTitleRace Category
Redlands Bicycle Classic *GC* Redlands Bicycle Classic W1/2
Valley of the Sun *GC* Valley of the Fun - errrr - Sun W1/2
Winters RR Winters road race ? Gorgeous and Grueling W1-3
Pescadero Coastal Classic Pesky Road Race W1-3
Panoche Valley RR Panoche, patience, and pain W1/2