Most memorable race: UCI Montreal World Cup

Off-the-bike hobbies: Flying around the Bay area and looking up space stuff :-)

Words to live by: Race hard, ride safe :-)

Favorite way to consume Cold Beverages: After a ride!

What got me into cycling: It was the only way I could transport myself, and then I got hooked on my first race!

Top lifetime accomplishments: Collegiate criterium champion 2008, 3rd overall UCI Tour de Lelanau 2008

Best team moment: Strategizing during a race, team work

Cycling accomplishments: 11th GC Mt Hood (2013), 1st GC Topsport stage race (2012), Canadian National 2010 (20th), Collegiate criterium champion 2008, UCI Tour de Lelanau 2008 (3rd overall, 1st QOM), Montreal World Cup - Tour de Montreal - Tour de PEI (2006-08), lots of Michigan races (2005-08)

Day job: Outer planets navigator at the Jet Propulsion Lab

Where I grew up: Near Montreal, Quebec, Canada

What got me into racing: A bunch of friends in grad school

My cycling hero(s): Molly Van Houweling!

Music that gets me going before a race: Guster

Favorite post-race food: Fluid recovery drink!

Number of years with the team: 3

Favorite ride: Up the hills near my place :-)

Race Results

DateRaceRace CategoryPlacing


09/01/14 Giro di San Francisco W1-3 -
07/27/14 Berkeley Bicycle Club Crit W1-3 8th
07/26/14 San Rafael Twilight Crit W1/2 25th
07/04/14 Davis Bike Club Fourth of July Crit W1-3 19th
06/06/14 53rd Chevron Manhattan Beach Grand Prix W1/2 24th
05/31/14 SoCal SCNCA TTT Championships W1-4 1st
05/25/14 Barry Wolfe Grand Prix W1-3 15th
05/11/14 AMGEN Tour of California: Women's CR W1/2 -
05/04/14 Dana Point Grand Prix W1-3 -
05/03/14 Cat's Hill Classic W1-3 12th
04/26/14 San Luis Rey RR W1-3 8th
04/06/14 Redlands - Beaver Medical Group RR W1/2 77th
04/06/14 Redlands Bicycle Classic *GC* W1/2 79th
04/05/14 Redlands - City of Redlands Crit W1/2 70th
04/04/14 Redlands - City of Beaumont CR W1/2 77th
04/03/14 Redlands - Big Bear TT W1/2 76th
04/02/14 Redlands - City of Highland CR W1/2 93rd
03/23/14 Chico SR - River Road TT W1/2 19th
03/23/14 Chico SR - Chico Downtown Crit W1/2 9th
03/23/14 Chico SR *GC* W1/2 15th
03/22/14 Chico SR - Paskenta Hills RR W1/2 15th
03/16/14 St. Patrick's Day Crit W1-3 15th
02/23/14 UC Santa Cruz Crit W1-4 3rd
02/23/14 UC Santa Cruz Crit 3 -
02/22/14 Snelling RR W1/2 14th


09/22/13 Oakland Grand Prix W1-3 13th
09/02/13 Giro di San Francisco W1-3 24th
08/17/13 Hotter 'N Hell HC at Mt. Baldy W1-3 4th
08/11/13 Suisun Harbor Crit W1-3 11th
08/04/13 Brentwood Grand Prix W1/2 12th
07/28/13 Menlo Park Grand Prix W1-3 12th
06/23/13 Mt. Hood Cycling Classic - Three Summits RR W1/2 11th
06/23/13 Mt. Hood Cycling Classic *GC* W1/2 11th
06/22/13 Mt. Hood Cycling Classic - Hood River Downtown Crit W1/2 6th
06/22/13 Mt. Hood Cycling Classic - Scenic Gorge TT W1/2 5th
06/21/13 Mt. Hood Cycling Classic - Columbia Hill RR W1/2 17th
06/02/13 Pescadero Coastal Classic W1-3 8th
06/01/13 Dunlap TT W1-3 8th
06/01/13 Dunlap TTT W1-3 2nd
05/19/13 Mariposa County Women's SR *GC* W1/2 6th
05/19/13 Mariposa - Bootjack RR W1-3 6th
05/18/13 Mariposa - Greeley Hill RR W1-3 2nd
05/18/13 Mariposa - Groveland Hillclimb W1-3 11th
05/17/13 Mariposa - Basso Bridge TT W1-3 11th
05/12/13 Berkeley Hills RR W1-3 16th
05/04/13 Cat's Hill Classic W1-3 18th
04/14/13 Chico - River Road TT W1/2 9th
04/14/13 Chico - Steve Harrison Memorial Crit W1/2 5th
04/14/13 Chico SR *GC* W1/2 6th
04/13/13 Chico - Paskenta Hills RR W1/2 4th
03/30/13 Copperopolis RR W1/2 13th
03/10/13 Madera SR *GC* W1/2 11th
03/10/13 Madera Daulton RR W1/2 6th
03/09/13 Madera Crit W1/2 11th
03/09/13 Madera Sharon TT W1/2 14th
02/23/13 Snelling RR W1/2 -


09/23/12 Oakland Grand Prix W1-3 6th
09/03/12 Giro di San Francisco W1-3 15th
09/02/12 Esparto TT W1-3 11th
08/26/12 Vacaville Gran Prix W1-3 7th
08/25/12 Winters RR W1-3 -
08/11/12 Dunnigan Hills RR W1-3 -
08/05/12 Pleasanton Crit W1-3 28th
07/28/12 Calaveras TT W1-4 2nd
07/22/12 Menlo Park Grand Prix W1/2 13th
07/15/12 Lodi Cyclefest Crit W1/2 17th
07/07/12 San Rafael Twilight Crit W1/2 22nd
07/04/12 Fourth of July Crit W1/2 19th
06/22/12 Canadian National RR Championship W1/2 40th
05/27/12 Mount Hamilton RR W1/2 24th
05/13/12 Mariposa County Women's SR *GC* W1/2 13th
05/13/12 Mariposa - Bootjack RR W1/2 13th
05/12/12 Mariposa - Groveland Hillclimb W1/2 18th
05/12/12 Mariposa - Greeley Hill RR W1/2 13th
05/11/12 Mariposa - Basso Bridge ITT W1/2 23rd
05/05/12 Cat's Hill Classic W1/2 20th
04/15/12 Chico - Steve Harrison Memorial Crit W1/2 11th
04/15/12 Chico - River Road TT W1/2 5th
04/15/12 Chico *SR* W1/2 11th
04/14/12 Chico - Paskenta Hills Road Race W1/2 9th
04/01/12 Topsport - Rock Creek TT W1/2 2nd
04/01/12 Topsport - Copper Town Circuit Race W1/2 2nd
04/01/12 Topsport *SR* W1/2 1st
03/31/12 Topsport - Knights Ferry Road Race W1/2 1st
03/18/12 Bariani RR W1/2 -
03/17/12 Land Park Crit W1/2 12th
03/03/12 Merco Classic: Foothills RR W1/2 -
02/25/12 Snelling RR W1/2 29th


08/07/11 Brentwood Grand Prix W1-3 21st
07/23/11 Sisquoc RR W1/2 3rd
07/17/11 Berkeley Bike Club Crit W1-3 10th
07/10/11 Lodi Cycle Fest W1-3 16th
07/09/11 San Rafael Twilight W1-3 16th
06/26/11 Canadian National Crit Championship W1/2 22nd
06/24/11 Canadian National RR Championship W1/2 39th
06/18/11 Pescadero Coastal Classic W1-3 9th
06/11/11 Joseph Mendes Crit M35+ -
05/30/11 Memorial Day Crit W1-3 15th
05/01/11 Wente Crit W1/2 6th
04/17/11 Santa Cruz Classic Crit W1-3 18th
03/27/11 Bariani RR W1-3 7th
03/13/11 Madera Daulton RR W1/2 14th
03/13/11 Madera County SR *GC* W1/2 22nd
03/12/11 Madera Crit W1/2 29th
03/12/11 Madera Crit W1/2 24th
03/05/11 Merco Cycling Classic Downtown GP W1/2 51st
02/26/11 Snelling RR W1/2 22nd


02/08/09 Cherry Pie Crit W1/2 21st