Day job: Postdoctoral research fellow at UC Berkeley in Chemical Engineering

Where I grew up: Columbus, Ohio. Go Bucks!

Favorite post-race food: burrito, pho, ramen

Number of years with the team: 5

Favorite ride: 3 Bears loop, Kings Ridge - Skaggs Springs Rd, Big Basin, Tahoe Rim Trail, mountain biking in Sedona, AZ

Most memorable race: Santa Cruz Criterium/Berkeley Hills Road Race/Giro di San Fancisco 2014: getting in a break with Metromint teammate Leah, attacking and counterattacking our opponents until I happen to break free and go onto the win! UC Berkeley collegiate criterium in 2013: Former Metromint and Cal Cycling teammate Katie Hall and I worked over the field by attacking and counter-attacking. Then I won.

Top lifetime accomplishments: PhD in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley, convincing the National Science Foundation to pay me to be a postdoc

What got me into cycling: My dad. He took me on a lot of century rides throughout Ohio when I was in high school.

What got me into racing: Watching the Tour de France on TV and a local NRC race every summer with my dad.

Off-the-bike hobbies: backpacking, cooking, visiting breweries

Cycling accomplishments: 2015: 2nd Premier Series, 2nd NCNCA Best All Around Rider. 2014: 1st Premier Series, 1st NCNCA Best All Around Rider, 1st Giro di San Francisco, 2nd Sattley TT (NCNCA District Time Trial), 1st Mt. Hamilton RR, 1st Mariposa Stage Race, 1st Berkeley Hills RR, 1st Santa Cruz Criterium, 1st Chico Stage Race; 2013: 4th Premier Series, 2nd Nevada City Classic, 3rd Madera Stage Race

Best team moment: Redlands 2014

My cycling hero(s): Katie Hall (UnitedHealthcare)

Race Results

DateRaceRace CategoryPlacing


08/06/16 Patterson Pass Road Race W1-3 5th
07/04/16 Davis Fourth Of July Criterium W1-3 20th
06/26/16 Burlingame Criterium W1-3 12th
06/19/16 Nevada City Classic W1/2 6th
06/12/16 NCNCA District TT Championships - Loyalton Time Trial W1-4 2nd
06/11/16 Tour de Nez W1-3 5th
06/05/16 Lodi Cyclefest Criterium W1-3 12th
06/04/16 Pescadero Road Race W1-3 6th
05/15/16 Red Kite Omnium Event #6 - Red Kite Criterium (May) W1-3 3rd
05/15/16 Red Kite Omnium Event #6 - Red Kite Criterium (May) 2/3 34th
05/14/16 Mike's Bikes Cat's Hill Classic W1-3 5th
05/07/16 Berkeley Hills Road Race W1/2 4th
04/24/16 Wente Vineyards Road Race W1/2 2nd
04/10/16 TEA Solar Cycling Classic W1/2 1st
04/09/16 Turlock Lake Road Race W1/2 2nd
03/27/16 WCCC - Cal: Berkeley Streets Criterium (Collegiate & USAC) W1-3 2nd
03/26/16 Copperopolis Road Race - VP#9 W1/2 2nd
03/20/16 Santa Cruz Classic Criterium XLVII - VP#8 W1-3 2nd
03/13/16 Bariani Road Race W1-3 1st
03/06/16 Madera Stage Race Road Race W1/2 2nd
03/06/16 Madera Stage Race GC W1/2 2nd
03/05/16 Madera Stage Race Time Trial W1/2 2nd
03/05/16 Madera Stage Race Criterium W1/2 3rd
02/28/16 Chico Stage Race Time Trial W1-3 12th
02/28/16 Chico Stage Race Criterium 1 26th
02/27/16 Chico Stage Race Paskenta Road Race W1-3 45th
02/26/16 Chico Stage Race Stage 1 Thunderhill W1-3 47th
02/20/16 Snelling Road Race W1/2 2nd
02/07/16 Red Kite Omnium - The Bump Circuit Race W1-3 11th


09/26/15 Esparto Time Trial W1-3 2nd
09/20/15 11th Annual Oakland Grand Prix W1-3 3rd
09/12/15 53nd Mt. Tamalpais Hill Climb W1-3 2nd
09/07/15 Giro di San Francisco W1-3 7th
09/05/15 Red Kite Omnium Finale - Red Kite Omnium Championship Weekend (Day 1) W1-3 1st
08/30/15 Vacaville Gran Prix W1-3 11th
08/29/15 Winters Road Race W1-3 9th
08/23/15 Red Kite Omnium Event #13 - Tempus Fugit Individual TT (Summer) presented by Endless Cycles of Castro Valley 2/3 3rd
08/23/15 Red Kite Omnium Event #13 - Tempus Fugit Individual TT (Summer) presented by Endless Cycles of Castro Valley W1-3 1st
08/16/15 Suisun Harbor Criterium W1-3 1st
08/15/15 Dunnigan Hills Road Race W1-3 1st
07/26/15 Cascade Cycling Classic: S5 Circuit W1/2 34th
07/26/15 Cascade Cycling Classic *GC* W1/2 27th
07/25/15 Cascade Cycling Classic: S4 Crit W1/2 41st
07/24/15 Cascade Cycling Classic: S3 RR W1/2 30th
07/23/15 Cascade Cycling Classic: S2 TT W1/2 21st
07/22/15 Cascade Cycling Classic: S1 RR W1/2 32nd
07/19/15 Colavita Grand Prix 2/3 26th
07/19/15 Colavita Grand Prix W1-3 12th
07/11/15 Sattley TT (NCNCA TT Championships) W1-3 3rd
07/04/15 Davis Bike Club Fourth of July Criterium W1-3 18th
06/21/15 Nevada City Classic W1/2 11th
06/07/15 Lodi Cyclefest W1-3 16th
06/06/15 Pescadero Coastal Classic W1/2 9th
05/25/15 Memorial Day Criterium W1-3 1st
05/24/15 Mount Hamilton Road Race W1/2 2nd
05/17/15 Mariposa Women's Stage Race *GC* W1/2 1st
05/17/15 Mariposa Women's Stage Race: Bootjack RR W1/2 1st
05/16/15 Mariposa Women's Stage Race: Groveland HC W1/2 2nd
05/16/15 Mariposa Women's Stage Race: Greeley Hill RR W1/2 2nd
05/15/15 Mariposa Women's Stage Race: Basso Bridge ITT W1/2 1st
05/09/15 Berkeley Hills Road Race W1/2 4th
05/02/15 Mike's Bikes Cat's Hill Classic W1-3 11th
04/26/15 Wente Vineyards Road Race W1/2 4th
04/04/15 Copperopolis Road Race W1/2 3rd
03/29/15 Santa Cruz Classic Criterium XLVI W1-3 6th
03/08/15 Madera Stage Race - Stage 4: Daulton Road Race W1/2 4th
03/08/15 Madera Stage Race *GC* W1/2 2nd
03/07/15 Madera Stage Race - Stage 2: Madera Criterium W1/2 9th
03/07/15 Madera Stage Race - Stage 3: Sharon Time Trial W1/2 2nd
03/01/15 Chico Stage Race - Stage 3: River Road Time Trial W1-3 5th
03/01/15 Chico Stage Race - Stage 4: Steve Harrison Memorial Criterium W1-3 32nd
03/01/15 Chico Stage Race *GC* W1-3 9th
02/28/15 Chico Stage Race - Stage 2: Paskenta Hills Road Race W1-3 21st
02/27/15 Chico Stage Race - Stage 1: Thunderhill Circuit Race W1-3 38th


09/01/14 Giro di San Francisco W1-3 1st
08/31/14 Vacaville Gran Prix W1-3 3rd
08/23/14 Winters RR W1-3 3rd
08/03/14 Patterson Pass RR W1-3 8th
07/26/14 San Rafael Twilight Crit W1-3 20th
07/20/14 Cascade Cycling Classic: Awbrey Butte CR W1/2 32nd
07/20/14 Cascade Cycling Classic *GC* W1/2 41st
07/19/14 Cascade Cycling Classic: Twilight Downtown Crit W1/2 72nd
07/18/14 Cascade Cycling Classic: Cascade Lakes RR W1/2 49th
07/17/14 Cascade Cycling Classic: Prineville TT W1/2 50th
07/16/14 Cascade Cycling Classic: Warm Springs RR W1/2 60th
07/15/14 Cascade Cycling Classic: Prologue W1/2 43rd
07/06/14 Red Kite Crit W1/2 18th
07/04/14 Davis Bike Club Fourth of July Crit W1-3 -
06/29/14 Sattley Time Trail W1-3 2nd
06/22/14 Burlingame Crit W1-3 14th
06/15/14 54th Annual Nevada City Classic W1-3 9th
06/14/14 Tri-Valley Crit Classic W1/2 1st
06/14/14 Folsom Historic Crit W1/2 8th
06/08/14 Steve Dunlap Memorial TT W1-4 3rd
06/07/14 Pescadero Coastal Classic W1/2 8th
05/26/14 Memorial Day Crit W1-3 32nd
05/25/14 Mount Hamilton RR W1/2 1st
05/18/14 Mariposa - Bootjack RR W1/2 3rd
05/18/14 Mariposa County Women's SR *GC* W1/2 1st
05/17/14 Mariposa - Groveland HC W1/2 4th
05/17/14 Mariposa - Greeley Hill RR W1/2 1st
05/16/14 Mariposa - Basso Bridge TT W1/2 2nd
05/10/14 Berkeley Hills RR W1/2 1st
05/04/14 Calaveras Road TT W1-4 1st
05/03/14 Cat's Hill Classic W1-3 6th
04/26/14 Wente Vineyards RR W1/2 7th
04/19/14 Copperopolis RR W1/2 6th
04/06/14 Redlands - Beaver Medical Group RR W1/2 67th
04/06/14 Redlands Bicycle Classic *GC* W1/2 53rd
04/05/14 Redlands - City of Redlands Crit W1/2 69th
04/04/14 Redlands - City of Beaumont CR W1/2 57th
04/03/14 Redlands - Big Bear TT W1/2 30th
04/02/14 Redlands - City of Highland CR W1/2 45th
03/30/14 Santa Cruz Classic Crit XLV W1-3 1st
03/23/14 Chico SR - River Road TT W1-3 4th
03/23/14 Chico SR - Chico Downtown Crit W1-3 18th
03/23/14 Chico SR *GC* W1-3 1st
03/22/14 Chico SR - Paskenta Hills RR W1-3 1st
03/16/14 Bariani RR W1-3 25th
03/09/14 Madera SR - Daulton RR W1/2 4th
03/09/14 Madera SR *GC* W1/2 4th
03/08/14 Madera SR - Sharon TT W1/2 4th
03/08/14 Madera SR - Madera Crit W1/2 20th
02/22/14 Snelling RR W1/2 6th
02/09/14 Cherry Pie Crit W1-3 4th


09/22/13 Oakland Grand Prix W1-3 4th
09/14/13 Mt. Tam HC W1-3 5th
09/02/13 Giro di San Francisco W1-3 7th
09/01/13 Esparto TT W1-3 8th
08/31/13 Challenge Challenge RR W1-3 7th
08/25/13 Vacaville Gran Prix W1-3 -
08/24/13 Winters RR W1-3 16th
08/04/13 Patterson Pass RR W1-3 5th
07/28/13 Menlo Park Grand Prix W1-3 41st
07/27/13 San Rafael Twilight Crit W1-3 23rd
07/21/13 Berkeley Bicycle Club Crit W1/2 7th
07/14/13 Colavita Grand Prix W1-3 6th
06/30/13 Lodi Cyclefest Crit W1-3 8th
06/16/13 Nevada City Classic W1-3 2nd
06/09/13 Sattley TT W1-4 6th
05/12/13 Berkeley Hills RR W1/2 13th
04/27/13 Wente Vineyards RR W1/2 4th
04/14/13 Santa Cruz Classic Crit W1-3 4th
04/07/13 Topsport SR *GC* W1/2 4th
04/07/13 Topsport - Rock Creek TT W1/2 3rd
04/07/13 Topsport - Copper Town CR W1/2 8th
04/06/13 Topsport - Woodward Reservoir RR W1/2 4th
03/30/13 Copperopolis RR W1/2 11th
03/17/13 Berkeley Streets Crit W1-3 5th
03/10/13 Madera SR *GC* W1/2 3rd
03/10/13 Madera Daulton RR W1/2 7th
03/09/13 Madera Sharon TT W1/2 3rd
03/09/13 Madera Crit W1/2 12th
02/23/13 Snelling RR W1/2 26th


09/02/12 Esparto TT W1-3 6th
08/26/12 Vacaville Gran Prix W1-3 9th
08/25/12 Winters RR W1/2 5th
08/11/12 Dunnigan Hills RR W1-3 -
07/29/12 Berkeley Bike Club Crit W1/2 13th
07/22/12 Menlo Park Grand Prix W1/2 26th
07/15/12 Lodi Cyclefest Crit W1-3 14th
07/01/12 Tour de Grandview W1-3 11th
06/29/12 Boonville RR W1/2 3rd
06/23/12 Pescadero Coastal Classic W1/2 11th
06/03/12 Dunlap TT W1/2 8th
06/02/12 ICCC Dash for Cash W1-3 18th
05/27/12 Mount Hamilton RR W1/2 29th
05/13/12 Mariposa County Women's SR *GC* W1/2 14th
05/13/12 Mariposa - Bootjack RR W1/2 14th
05/12/12 Mariposa - Groveland Hillclimb W1/2 12th
05/12/12 Mariposa - Greeley Hill RR W1/2 16th
05/11/12 Mariposa - Basso Bridge ITT W1/2 12th
04/28/12 Wente RR W1/2 9th
04/01/12 Topsport *SR* W1/2 7th
04/01/12 Topsport - Rock Creek TT W1/2 6th
04/01/12 Topsport - Copper Town Circuit Race W1/2 5th
03/31/12 Topsport - Knights Ferry Road Race W1/2 7th
03/11/12 Madera *GC* W1/2 14th
03/11/12 Madera Daulton RR W1/2 12th
03/10/12 Madera Sharon TT W1/2 18th
03/10/12 Madera Crit W1/2 15th
03/04/12 John Schlesinger Memorial Crit W1-3 1st
02/25/12 Snelling RR W1/2 24th

Race Reports

RaceTitleRace Category
Bariani Road Race The Bariani Road Race Spring Classic W1-3