Most memorable race: Topsport Stage race in 2014

Words to live by: Enjoy the journey

Favorite way to consume Cold Beverages: Any time!

What got me into cycling: I trained and completed the AIDS Lifecycle in 2007. I've been hooked since then.

Day job: Event Marketing at Charles Schwab & Co.

Where I grew up: Birmingham, MI

What got me into racing: I asked my spinning instructor and mentor how I could get faster.

My cycling hero(s): Mark Cavendish

Number of years with the team: 2

Favorite ride: Toss up between Mt Diablo and a loop in Marin with Cheese Factory, Marshall Wall, Pt Reyes and back to Lucas Road

Race Results

DateRaceRace CategoryPlacing


03/26/17 Santa Cruz Criterium W4 14th


08/13/16 Vancouver Criterium W40+ 3rd
07/31/16 Red Kite Omnium Event #12 - Berkeley Bike Club Criterium W3/4 8th
07/04/16 Davis Fourth Of July Criterium W4 14th
06/18/16 Red Kite Omnium Event #7 -Tri-Valley Criterium Classic W3/4 18th
06/04/16 Dash for Cash Criterium W4 7th
05/30/16 Memorial Day Criterium W4 15th
05/28/16 Folsom Criterium W4 10th
05/01/16 Golden State Race Series p/b Rio Strada Racing: Circuit W4 18th
04/30/16 Golden State Race Series p/b Rio Strada Racing: Criterium W4 17th
04/24/16 Wente Vineyards Road Race W4 32nd
03/20/16 Santa Cruz Classic Criterium XLVII - VP#8 W4 19th
03/06/16 Madera Stage Race Road Race W4 9th
03/06/16 Madera Stage Race GC W4 9th
03/05/16 Madera Stage Race Criterium W4 12th
03/05/16 Madera Stage Race Time Trial W4 7th
02/20/16 Snelling Road Race W4 34th
02/14/16 Copper Town Circuit Race W4 8th


08/09/15 Red Kite Omnium Event #12 - Red Kite Criterium (August) W3/4 16th
07/26/15 Red Kite Omnium Event #11 - 31st Annual Berkeley Bicycle Club Criterium W3/4 -
07/19/15 Colavita Grand Prix 3/4 9th
04/12/15 Topsport Stage Race *GC* W4 11th
04/12/15 Topsport Stage Race - Copper Town Circuit Race W4 7th
04/12/15 Topsport Stage Race - Rock Creek TT W4 9th
04/11/15 Topsport Stage Race - Woodward Reservoir RR W4 14th
03/29/15 Santa Cruz Classic Criterium XLVI W4 10th
03/22/15 Red Kite Omnium Event #3 - Tempus Fugit Individual TT (Spring) W3/4 11th
03/01/15 Chico Stage Race *GC* W3/4 27th
03/01/15 Chico Stage Race - Stage 3: River Road Time Trial W3/4 25th
03/01/15 Chico Stage Race - Stage 4: Steve Harrison Memorial Criterium W3/4 31st
02/28/15 Chico Stage Race - Stage 2: Paskenta Hills Road Race W3/4 28th
02/21/15 Snelling Road Race W4 30th
02/15/15 Valley of the Sun Stage Race: Criterium 1 24th
02/15/15 Valley of the Sun Stage Race *GC* W4 21st
02/14/15 Valley of the Sun Stage Race: Road Race W4 18th
02/13/15 Valley of the Sun Stage Race: Time Trial W4 18th
02/08/15 Red Kite Omnium Event #1 - The Bump Circuit Race (Winter) W3/4 12th


09/01/14 Giro di San Francisco W4 17th
08/30/14 Red Kite Crit W4 12th
08/24/14 Tempus Fugit TT W4 4th
08/17/14 Red Kite Crit W4 9th
08/08/14 Dunnigan Hills RR W4 15th
08/02/14 Warnerville TT W4 3rd
07/27/14 Berkeley Bicycle Club Crit W4 9th
07/20/14 Colavita Grand Prix W3/4 12th
07/19/14 Crossfire Hurricane TT W4 3rd
06/14/14 Tri-Valley Crit Classic W4 15th
06/08/14 Steve Dunlap Memorial TT W4 4th
06/08/14 Steve Dunlap Memorial TT W1-4 2nd
06/01/14 Livermore Valley CR W4 15th
05/11/14 Red Kite Crit W4 12th
05/03/14 Golden State Race Series Crit W4 15th
04/27/14 Tempus Fugit TT W4 5th
04/13/14 Red Kite Crit W4 12th
04/06/14 Topsport SR - Rock Creek TT W4 5th
04/06/14 Topsport SR - Copper Town CR W4 5th
04/06/14 Topsport SR *GC* W4 5th
04/05/14 Topsport SR - Woodward Reservoir RR W4 5th
03/30/14 Santa Cruz Classic Crit XLV W4 11th
03/16/14 Bariani RR W4 54th
03/09/14 Red Kite Crit W4 19th
02/22/14 Snelling RR W4 16th

Race Reports

RaceTitleRace Category
Snelling RR Great race! W4