Most memorable race: The original Race for the Roses in Austin

Off-the-bike hobbies: Conferences and meetups on Design, photography, backside 360s snowboarding, family time, travel.

Words to live by: Be unapologetically true yourself, both in business and in life, and broadcast who you are to the world. The right people will eventually find you. -Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos

Favorite way to consume Cold Beverages: Ice cold

What got me into cycling: Desire to be outdoors and a youthful yearning for freedom

Top lifetime accomplishments: 3 careers, bike racing, boardercross racing, fatherhood.

Best team moment: Shooting the Team pictures at our team camps; 2005 was a doozie.

Cycling accomplishments: University of Texas Cycling Team, Riding with Lance before he was LANCE, and the 24 hrs of Monterey

Day job: User Experience Design and Product Development

Where I grew up: Dallas, TX

What got me into racing: A guy in my dorm with a replica of Lemond's Team Z bike, and reading his copies of Velo News

Music that gets me going before a race: NOFX, old Metallica, Dmitri from Paris, Masters at Work, mixes from my DJ buddies- Luke Sardello, Keith Pillers, and JT Donaldson

Number of years with the team: Since 2000

Favorite ride: Paradise, and every ride with my teammates

My cycling hero(s): Greg Lemond, Sean Kelly, Eddy Merckx, Laurent Jalabert, Mario Cipollini, Ernesto Colnago

Favorite post-race food: Burritos