Most memorable race: So far it has been a cross race at Manzanita Park. It was super muddy and rainy and awesome!

Off-the-bike hobbies: Swimming, rock climbing, running, crochet, gardening, yoga.

Words to live by: Honesty, Initiative, forgiveness, Happiness.

Favorite way to consume Cold Beverages: My favoirte flavor is Spearmint and favorite way to consume it is after a hot workout.

What got me into cycling: My Dad. He would bring me out on his mountain bike rides.

Top lifetime accomplishments: At this point, my two sons. Nothing has come close to that yet.

Best team moment: TBD :)

Cycling accomplishments: I don't feel destroyed after a ride like I did when I first started riding.

Day job: Logistics Coordinator at Phase 3 Communications

Where I grew up: West Linn, OR & San Jose, CA

What got me into racing: My Husband built me my first cross bike/race bike ever. He was encouraging and very motivating.

My cycling hero(s): All the participants of the kids races.

Favorite post-race food: Chocolate milk

Number of years with the team: working on 1

Favorite ride: I have a loop to Watsonville and back to San Jose that I really enjoy.

Race Results

DateRaceRace CategoryPlacing


04/08/17 Turlock Lake Road Race W3-5 -
04/02/17 Michelob Ultra Sequoia Cycling Classic W3-5 6th
04/01/17 OTF Ventana Circuit Race W3-5 2nd
03/26/17 Santa Cruz Criterium W4 8th
02/19/17 Cantua Creek Road Race W4 11th


08/07/16 Red Kite Omnium Event #13 - Red Kite Criterium (August) W3/4 4th
07/16/16 CCCX - Fort Ord Circuit W4 2nd
07/10/16 Red Kite Omnium Event #9 - Criterium (July) W3/4 3rd
07/09/16 Watsonville Criterium W1-4 8th
07/04/16 Davis Fourth Of July Criterium W4 5th
06/25/16 Red Kite Omnium Event #8 - Martinez Criterium W3/4 9th
06/18/16 Red Kite Omnium Event #7 -Tri-Valley Criterium Classic W3/4 17th
05/30/16 Memorial Day Criterium 4 7th
05/14/16 Mike's Bikes Cat's Hill Classic W3/4 -
05/01/16 Golden State Race Series p/b Rio Strada Racing: Circuit W3/4 1st
04/30/16 Golden State Race Series p/b Rio Strada Racing: Criterium W3/4 5th
04/24/16 Wente Vineyards Road Race W4 30th
04/17/16 Red Kite Omnium Event #4 - Red Kite Criterium (April) W3/4 2nd
04/10/16 Central Coast Road Series #5 W4 2nd
04/09/16 Turlock Lake Road Race W4 21st
04/02/16 Copper Town Circuit Race W4 3rd
03/20/16 Santa Cruz Classic Criterium XLVII - VP#8 W4 16th
03/06/16 Madera Stage Race GC W4 10th
03/06/16 Madera Stage Race Road Race W4 10th
03/05/16 Madera Stage Race Time Trial W4 12th
03/05/16 Madera Stage Race Criterium W4 6th
02/20/16 Snelling Road Race W4 11th
02/14/16 Copper Town Circuit Race 4 3rd

Race Reports

RaceTitleRace Category
Copper Town Circuit Race First race of the season :) W4