Thirsty, hot, need an energy shot?
Why not try a new drink with the blue polka dot.

It?s pure, clear water with just the slightest hint
Of that oh so refreshing peppermint.

Need a secret weapon to put some pep in your sprint?
Fill up your bottles with fresh Metromint.

Or when logging long miles on a hot valley stint,
Recover and refresh with some cool Metromint.

Coming home from an early morning ride?
The chill in your bones just won?t subside?
What better time for some Metromint tea.
Just add lemon and boil some for me.

A long day of intervals left your legs spent.
A hot shower didn?t quite leave you content.
Try this (though we?re not sure your coach quite agrees)
One part Metromint, sugar and rum if you please.

You steal a wheel and make the break
A win today would be icing on the cake.
And when you cross the tape first, they?ll all be wishin
It were your sweet Metromint lips that they were kissin.

- by Allison Krasnow and Mike Boals