Kern, Kern, now it's my turn
The weather was hot and the hills were huge
Maybe that's why I got the lantern rouge.
- - -

The annual trip to the Kern County Women's stage race in Bakersfield is a tradition for the Metromint women and so MaryAnn, Monique, Julie and Laurie loaded up the bikes, trainers, tent and everything else that they own that is bike related and headed to Bakersfield. Why anyone in their right mind would race in Bakersfield when California was experiencing record breaking heat, is just as much a mystery as Area 51 . How about a time trial when it's 117 degrees? Sounds good to me! Sign me up! Despite the heat, the Metromint women raced well with MaryAnn taking 4th overall, Monique 7th overall and Julie 9th overall. Laurie was the lucky recipient of the lantern rouge and only survived with the help of the Velo Bella and Protech teams who cajoled, pushed and dragged her to the finish line. Good times and great bonding. Can't wait for next year!