Coming in 3rd overall in the P/1/2 race at Fort Ord, Jared Barrilleaux captured the Under-23 Pro/1/2 NCNCA District Road Race Championship!!!

In his race report, Jared tells the story of the grueling race:

As the two riders pulled up next to us on the climb, I could feel their presence like a vulture awaiting a dying gazelle. They hammered up the hill recording the highest wattage for the day (as I later found out). I struggled with every dot in my jersey to hang on....

Max Haines-Stiles and Ryan Parnes also rode aggressively in the race and helped with the overall team strategy that led to Jared's District Championship. According to Max:

Ft. Ord was a really tough race. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I got into the breakaway...ride 50 miles in the wind with 2 other guys? Yikes! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) my breakaway ended when my chain fell off and I couldn't get it on in time. I was contemplating a Euro Pro bike throw but figured I'd probably need that bike later on (getting back to the start/finish, for instance).

We started with a large field (70+) and I don't think there were more than 20 in the finishing group, so it's a testament to how tough Jared and Ryan were. Jared, especially, really turned some heads... by now most of the p/1/2 peloton recognizes that he's probably one of the strongest riders in the bunch.

In the women's race, Amanda Eaken won the P/1/2/3 race! She provided a great race report where she relayed the teamwork that helped:

The last time up the climb Jen set a good hard pace, and the group was winnowed down to 10 or so by the top. The finish was only a few miles from the top of the climb but I managed to find Molly and Jen and tell them I wanted a lead out for the final sprint. I was impressed but not at all surprised when Molly (aka District TT champion) started her lead out at the 1K to go sign. It was beautiful: I was sitting on Molly?s wheel and everyone was forced behind us.

Metromint Cycling is proud to have seven District Championships on the team for 2007:

  • NCNCA Women's Time Trial Champion...Molly Van Houweling

  • NCNCA Women Master's Road Race Champion...Jane Robertson

  • NCNCA Women Master's Road Race Champion...Jen Joynt

  • NCNCA Women Master's Road Race Champion...Molly Van Houweling

  • NCNCA Women Master's Criterium Champion...Jane Robertson

  • NCNCA Women's Road Race Champion...Amanda Eaken

  • NCNCA Men's U-23 Road Race Champion...Jared Barrilleaux