With only two events left in the 2007 NCNCA Premier Series, Metromint Cycling is turning some heads! Jared Barrilleaux has dominated the series with a key first place at Fremont Crit, as well as good placings at Davis, Vacaville and Nevada City. He is currently in 2nd place behind Jackson Stewart of BMC Pro Cycling Team. Jared held the top spot briefly between his win at Fremont and Stewart's win the following weekend at San Rafael.

With only two events left for the season, this Sunday's Lafayette Crit, and the Metromint Giro di San Francisco to be held on Labor Day (Sept 3), obtaining a placing in either of these races will be key to wrapping up the overall men's title.

For the women's team, the top results are spread out over five riders: Elis Bradshaw is placed 11th, Jane Robertson 17th, Amanda Eaken 31st, Sarah Lightfoot 41st, and Molly Van Houweling 42nd. Elis achieved her best result in the Series with a 4th place finish at Pacific State Bank GP in Stockton.

In the two remaining two events, there is opportunity for the women to significantly move up in the standings. However, it does appear that PROMAN/Paradigm is very close to wrapping up the overall title with the nearest non-PROMAN competitor trailing by 39 points.

Overall, Metromint Cycling is having an amazing season with so many of its riders competitive in the Pro/1/2 fields!

Stay tuned for more details...