This was one amazing weekend! For Metromint Cycling to travel to a huge stage race in SoCal with some top racers traveling to this was huge. The fact that we placed someone in the top 10 (or green jersey) for every field we entered is remarkable, and shows that teamwork is paying off. For some of the cat 4s, this was their first stage it was also a great learning experience for them to ride a 3-stage event featuring an uphill individual time trial (race against the clock), a challenging road race, and a very fast, short criterium.

Cat 2 - Fred Stamm - Green jersey (Spriners' jersey)
Women Cat 2 - Jen Joynt - 9th place General Classification
Cat 3 - Dan Blomgren - 2nd place General Classification
Cat 4 - Rob Dahl - 7th place General Classification
Cat 4 - Shaun Durkan - 8th place General Classification
Other riders competing:
Cat 3 - Rob Collier, Joe Ramos, Dan Adkins
Cat 4 - Americo Diaz-Obregon, Michael Quirk, Kalman Zieger

The individual stories of ten men and one woman from our contending team and have left their mark all over the races is best told by the athletes themselves through their race stories.

Read the individual race stories by the following riders:
Michael Quirk
Fred Stamm
Rob Dahl
Dan Blomgren
Jen Joynt

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