Five Metromint riders went to Wisconsin and northern Illinois to race in the International Cycling Classis, also known as Supererweek, for 17 days in July. Sean, Colin, Aaron and JD went for the pro 1/2 races, and Jonathon Carlson went to race as a cat 3.

Sean, Colin and JD drove the team car out to Wisconsin with about 15 cases of water to hand out at the races. At the start of the series, fans and racers were asking us what Metromint is, but by the end they were only asking where they could get more. Many bottles of Metromint could be seen poking out of jersey pockets at the starts of races, and more could be seen in the hands of the racers on the podium after the races were over. Overall Metromint is much more well known in Wisconsin and northern Illinois than before the team got there.

Jonathon raced great and got enough points to upgrade to cat 2 for his last race in Wisconsin. He did a great job to finish his first ever pro 1/2 race in a very fast, large talented field.
JD got his best result at the MGA road race by attacking the field with one other rider 6 miles from the finish to end up between the break and the pack for 17th place.
Colin got the squads best result for 13th after leading out the field sprint in Sheboygen.
Sean was consistently the strongest guy on our team, but was just missing that last little bit of luck to break into the top twenty.

In addition to some of the best racing around, Milwaukee is a great place to spend a couple weeks in the summer. The people are super nice. The weather is super warm. The festival scene is off the hook. Everyone should race Superweek once in their cycling career or they will definitely regret it.