With the unveiling of the new Metromint Cycling uniforms just in time for the Sausalito Criterium in our own backyard and an early season training camp in Petaluma, there is a buzz of excited energy amongst new and returning team members alike. Take forty-eight young men and women, add a new title sponsor, a new bicycle sponsor, a new set of wheels (nicknamed Ella a namesake close to one of the members), throw in some teamwork, trust and camaraderie, set it all on top of a foundation of esprit de corps...and the result is one fired up team ready to race!

And racing is exactly what the team is doing...with 81 races completed in this very early season--26 yielding top 10 results--and six of those on the podium. It definitely looks like a great year ahead for Metromint Cycling.

Watch this space for more news, photos, race results, and stories from our racing experiences throughout the season.