Over the years, our team has benefitted greatly from the personal attention, products and services that our sponsors provide us. We've also made a lot of good friends along the way. This is the story of how our bicycle sponsor, Gregg Dion of FortUSA, went way out of his way to help out our own Dan O'Sullivan at the Central Valley Classic last month.

Here is Dan's story in his own words:

At the central valley RR I was in a two-man break that missed a turn due to a missing course marshal (the 2 guys chasing us won!). Tired and disheartened, I resigned to sit in for the finish. In the final kilometer, we were moving along at a good clip, probably about 35mph as the sprint was being set up. Apparently someone swerved across the group. All I know is that I went from spinning out my biggest gear to hitting the cassette of the guy in front of me.

My forks snapped and the frame broke where the handlebar hit the top tube. I was pretty bloody with a dented helmet and twisted ankle, but nothing serious. Mostly I was bummed because I was all set on peaking for Pomona.

Greg, a USCF official, and owner of FortUSA, our bicycle sponsor, was working at the event. When he heard what happened at the finish, he didn't hesitate to offer to help. In fact, he built me up a bike that same night and refused any kind of payment in return.

I was touched by his generosity. And it came at a time when I needed a bit of inspiration to ride again the next weekend. I am incredibly grateful.