Milton, California is not a big town. In fact, there is not much there besides a couple of homes and an old, tall barn-like structure. Yet every year, VeloPromo brings out hundreds of racers to test themselves in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Copperopolis Road Race, also dubbed the Paris-Roubaix of California for its rough roads, is a true test of physical stamina. The race lengths vary by category from 42 miles for the "easier" races to 105 miles for the Pro/1/2 field. The roads of this race are not cobbled, but they might as well be! Bike "mechanicals," including loosening of seats, chains falling off, many tires flattening, all are big factors determining the outcome of the day.

Another factor is that there are no services or food for miles. This year, McGuire Cycling decided to make this tough race a little more fun and pleasant by driving out the team car, bringing out our tent and hauling up some food. The turnout was good for a tough road race far from San Francisco, 14 from the amateur team and also several from the Langdale / McGuire Pro team. The tent was set up with PB&J, cold cuts, cheese for sandwiches, fruit, drinks and Laurie Simonson's iPod workout mix cranking out tunes. After racing, folks came by and hung out, ate food, and chatted. We invited folks from other teams to join and in the end some others brought food over as well...including beers. (Thanks!)

All-in-all, it was a great gathering and socializing spot. Thanks to Monique Quandt for organizing this and to all who helped out (especially JD Bergmann).