Tonight, the team held a Website Launch Party to introduce the new website! With a bit of fanfare, drinks and munchies the team members examined the new site and applauded with approval.

Designed and coded by Sebastian Denef, of Denef Design, and Bruce Johnson, the new site uses custom PHP coding and mySQL database backend to allow racers to login, enter their race results and race reports in simple forms and drop down menus. The new information is updated to the site dynamically (in real-time)!

"The real strength of the new site is the backend structure which provides an easy-to-use interface to allow non-technical authors to update site content without needing a computer engineering degree," says Bruce.

Other new sections added to the site include the Esprit de Corps award page and the Partner organizations page, which reflect the team's commitment to teamwork and giving back to the community.

The website will grow over the season as members add content and other features are added.